> On Monday, June 9, 2014 9:52:44 PM UTC+2, Clinton Parham wrote:
>>> Hello git users,
>>> I'm trying to run a git server on my Windows 7 workstation. I've 
>>> downloaded the Windows installer from http://git-scm.com/downloads and 
>>> I'm able to clone other repositories.
>>> Now I want to allow others to clone my repositories. But when testing my 
>>> setup, I get these errors (both client and server are on the same box):
>>> *Client side:*
>>> F:\git>git clone git://localhost:9419/test.git test2
>>> Cloning into 'test2'...
>>> fatal: unable to access 'https://localhost:9419/test.git/': Unknown SSL 
>>> protocol error in connection to localhost:9419
>> It strikes me as odd that it appears to clone over HTTPS, when you 
>> specified a git:// url..  To the best of my knowledge, cloning over git:// 
>> (the Git protocol) has nothing to do with HTTPS, and by extension, should 
>> not involve SSL.
>> Could it be that you are somehow running a HTTPS service on port 9419, 
>> and Git is falling back to use this as protocol? Check what process is 
>> using the port, kill the service, restart the daemon and try again.

Yup, I agree that SSL being involved is odd.
> A 'netstat -ano' doesn't list any process on 9419. Also, when I down the 
> git daemon, a telnet to localhost:9419 fails so I don't believe anything 
> else is listening on that port. A similar telnet works of course when the 
> git daemon is running.
> Also interesting is that the same clone works when I run it under cygwin!

You mean when running the git clone command on cygwin, or running the 
daemon on cygwin, or both?

In any case, I'm lost. Perhaps someone on the msysgit list can answer (on 
cc now).

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