On Tue, 2014-07-01 at 16:15 -0500, Joanna Wilkinson wrote:
> I'm sorry, this is my first time using this. I am just following the
> instructions seen here: http://developers.squarespace.com/using-git/ 
> I typed in: git clone [your-repository.git]
> And I get this error: fatal: repository '[your-repository.git]' does
> not exist

You are not supposed to type the literal string "[your-repository.git]"

You are supposed to replace that string with the address (URL) of your
Git repository.  From the document you're following:

> To clone your template, log into your Squarespace site and go to the
> Developer tab. Under SFTP details there will be a line that says
> “Repository.” Copy the URL listed there.

You should use the URL you copy from that site in place of the string

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