On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 12:40:41AM -0700, cemico wrote:
> After running the commands with filter-branch etc., my folder (let's say 
> "concept") i want to remove from all commits, really gets deleted from all 
> commits.
> even the physical folder gets deleted (good!)
> but the "pack" file stays the exact same way too big 1,3 GB
> I want to remove folders and files
> - from the complete commit history
> - physically
> - and most importantly from the pack file
> Best regards and thank you for your quick answers

Well, AFAICS you don't do anything at all with any "pack" file (I'm
not even sure what such a file is).  Surely you'd have to modify it
using some command in order to shrink to a size you're more happy
with, no?


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