On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 12:49:20AM -0700, cemico wrote:
> As far as i understood, the pack file get's generated through the "git gc" 
> garbage collection command.
> But i tried really much by now and didn't find the right way.
> That's the only point i'm missing:
> How to rewrite the pack file, ignoring every file and folder that's not in 
> the commit history.

Ah, that's the pack file you are talking about :)

Why do you care about it at all?  It's internal to git and AFAIK there
is no need to ever worry about it since git does the best it can to
keep it small.  If you really need then it sounds like you should
explore `git repack` and `git unpack-objects`.  I haven't played
around with that myself yet, but hopefully someone else will be able
to help if you have further questions.


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