From: "juh" <>

I don't understand two things in the output of git diff:

$ git diff 8bdc f5fa
  diff --git a/ b/
  index 4202174..6ef3a44 100644
  --- a/
  +++ b/
  @@ -3,3 +3,4 @@ title: Foo
  author: Peter

  +Once upon a time...

first, as I understand it the diff style is "unified diff", so google can help.

1. What does the line with the word "index" mean?

The 'index' (also known as a/k/a the staging area) is your local preparation area between adding a file or part of a file, and actually committing the changes to the repository. It's like having an "out" tray at the edge of your desk for stuff thats 'finished', but could be updated before the whole lot is filed as a block - other VCS's hide it, but Git is more open about it.

The regular diff is between the working files and the index (see the link above).

2. What does the line with the @@ mean?

These define the change 'hunks' and give a before (-) / after (+) line numbers, and line counts

How are these @@ called? Do they hava a name?

What does the numbers between the @@ mean? They refer somehow to the
changed lines, I guess. But what exactly do they say?


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