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> 1. What does the line with the word "index" mean? 

The line with the index refers to the two 'files' that Git is comparing. 

In your example, the line "index 4202174..6ef3a44 100644" breaks down
like this: 

4202174 is a/text.md
6ef3a44 is b/text.md
100644 is the 'mode', or permissions of the file

The a in a/text.md represents the original file, and the b in b/text.md 
the file in your working directory.

You can use "git show 4202174" to dump the contents of the original file in 
you've forgotten what it looks like. As for b/text.md, it lives only in 
your working
directory, but to get its SHA1 ID number, you can use:

git hash-object text.md

This should yield a SHA1 ID that starts with 6ef3a44.

2. What does the line with the @@ mean? 

As pointed out earlier, the @@ are 'hunks'. Another reference I use to 
these diff hunks is here:


The hunk describes which lines from the source file and which lines from 
destination file are being compared. In "@@ -3,3 +3,4 @@", we're comparing 
from the original file (-), starting at line 3, 3 lines (-3,3) with a 
target file (+) starting
at line 3, going 4 lines.

I recommend using graphical tools to look at differences. These numbers are 
for tools that will patch up the files.
Rick Umali / http://www.manning.com/umali 

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