I'm new to git.I'm not a professional person in programming.I work in R & D 
group and I'm just researching about source control systems.our programming 
group use VSS(sourcesafe) but I can see that they have encountered many 
problems.so I want to help them to switch to git .I know about git features 
but i want to become sure let me give you a explanation..we had automation 
software for some companies and organizations.so we have a master source 
 and some different sources for different projects....for example our bank 
organization project has some parts different from our university project
1.Could we have  different  branches  for every  project?
2.if we want to  change a file which is located in all  projects ,shall we 
change it in master source?then it will be done on all the projects?
3.What shall we do if we want to just change some files in one or some of 
our projects?Is it possible
4.If we want to use github and be  a member of it will github support a 
source in Iran?
Best Regards

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