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> so we have a master source and some different sources
> for different projects....for example our bank organization project
> has some parts different from our university project
> 1.Could we have different  branches  for every  project?

Yes.  And different branches for the same project as well, if needed.
Any relation of branches to projects in Git is a matter of a policy
followed in your organization as Git does not has a concept of a
project (though it's customary to use a single repository for the
single project).

> 2.if we want to  change a file which is located in all
> projects ,shall we change it in master source?then it will be done on
> all the projects?

No.  All repositories are completely separated, and all branches in a
given repository are separated as well (though they usually share a
common history).

So you'll have to apply your change to in each of affected repositories
and branches.

On the other hand, you'll usually keep all "flavours" of your project
(a version for a university, a version for a bank etc) in a single
repository -- just on different branches.  You then go about that
prospective change like this:

1) Create another branch to prepare a fix -- by forking it off an
   existing suitable branch.
2) Prepare the fix there, and test it.
3) Possibly modify the series of commits implementing the fix to create
   a single commit (to ease its application to other branches).
   (This is an advanced topic so let's not dig deeper now).
4) Apply the resulting fix to affected branches using one way or
   another.  Git offers you normal merging or the so-called "cherry
   picking".  Any book on Git will get you up to speed with these

> 3.What shall we do if we want to just change some files in one or
> some of our projects? Is it possible

I don't understand what you're asking (and how is this different from
the question above).  Please elaborate.

> 4.If we want to use github and be  a member of it will github support
> a source in Iran?

Please ask Github.

Note that:
* There are other Git hosting solutions besides Github, both free
  and commercial.
* You can host your Git repositories by yourself.  That is, you're not
  required to use Github or any other hoster.

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