When calling

  git show <commit>

on a simple commit (i.e. not a merge commit) git will show the commit 
message and the modified files including their diffs. Adding "--name-only" 
will list only the file names of the modified files.

On the other hand, when running "git show" against a merge commit, things 
are different. A merge commit has multiple parents (2 in the simple case) 
and "git show" will (by default) only show the files where there differ 
between the merge commit and _all_ the parents. For a two parent merge 
commit (the ordinary case) this means that "git show" will only show the 
files that were somehow merged. The files that were either ignored from the 
other branch or copied straight over are not displayed.

However, what could be considered most intuitive when doing

  git checkout branch1
  git merge branch2

would be to show the files that were modified in branch1 as this was the 
target of the merge (and the only branch whose head was moved to point to 
the merge commit). So what I would like to see by default would be the diff 
between the merge commit and its 1st parent.

To accomplish that, I can write

  git show --first-parent

Can somebody explain:

a) What is the default behaviour normally used for?
b) Is there another way of accomplishing what I am doing with 

Thank you for helping.


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