Hi all.  I got pretty frustrated today by some unexpected behavior of
git clean; I wonder if folks thought it was a real problem or just

One of the platforms I need to build on is Windows and we're using cmake
to generate MSVC project files.  MSVC allows you to build one of a small
number of different "types" of output, such as "Debug", "Release", etc.
Additionally, we have many different "targets" that are built: one for
each library, executable, unit test program, etc.

The way MSVC (or cmake, I'm not sure) organizes the output is that for a
source directory SRC and a target SOMELIB built for "Debug" for example,
the object files will be:


Note that here only SRC  and SRC/foo.cpp are actually part of the Git
repository; the other directories/files are not tracked.

Now, adding all the target directories ("SOMELIB.dir") to .gitignore
individually is a big pain since there are so many.  And adding "*.dir"
to .gitignore seems like it might match some stuff that we might want.

So, I added the "type" directories to .gitignore, like this:


(also, these directories are used by Mac OS Xcode so need to be ignored

This works great for "git status"; it doesn't show the "SOMELIB.dir"
directory as "untracked" because after the .gitignore stuff is through
getting rid of files that is just an empty directory.

However after some head-banging today I discovered that "git clean
-fdX" (which is what I normally use to clean out workspaces) won't
delete these files.  Apparently "git clean -X" uses a different
algorithm than "git status" for matching .gitignore contents and since
SOMELIB.dir is not ignored, "git clean" skips over it rather than
looking inside it for ignored files.

So I had this situation where I had stale object files in my workspace
and "git status" showed I had no untracked files, but "git clean -fdX"
didn't clean up the stale object files.

Does it seem incorrect to anyone else that "git clean -X" doesn't delete
all the files in your workspace that are considered ignored by "git

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