MY head is spinning. There is github, gitlab, atlan or atlas 
something...then there is JIRA, gitolite, gitsorosis many 
freakin products.

we decided on using git for version control. Now we need to track 
enhancements, bug fixes, tasks to the extent that only when a ticket is 
open someone can create a branch on the develop stream.
we also need to restrict access on who gets access to merge and branch 
especially from master branch.

so what would be ideal in my situation? gitlab is open source which would 
be a big plus to take it up to the management.

In reading about gitlab, looks like it does everything that I need, access 
control. repository management, defect tracking etc., Is that true?

On Friday, September 5, 2014 12:26:59 AM UTC-4, madhan dhanikachalam wrote:

> I see github is a place to hold repositories so multiple people can work 
> on a project.
> my question would be, I know for sure my company won't be OK with hosting 
> our code in github or anywhere else outside of our internal servers.
> If this is the case and am sure other companies might have the same 
> constraints. How are people hosting their repositories? Any tips do/dont's 
> on how to handle repos internally?
> please share your thoughts. thanks.

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