# madhan.dhanikacha...@gmail.com / 2014-09-04 21:26:59 -0700:
> I see github is a place to hold repositories so multiple people can work on 
> a project.
> my question would be, I know for sure my company won't be OK with hosting 
> our code in github or anywhere else outside of our internal servers.

you seem to be unaware that if you pay some money you can have "private"
repos in github.  those are accessible only to users authorized by you.

> If this is the case and am sure other companies might have the same 
> constraints. How are people hosting their repositories? Any tips do/dont's 
> on how to handle repos internally?

my employer has a bunch of "organizations" in github (github.com/$org),
some have publicly accessible repos (browsable, clonable by anyone),
some are private (accessible only to designated users).  beside that,
we have a private gitorious instance, as well as a heap of repositories
in a central server exposed only with ssh.


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