Hi all,
I'm trying to using fast-import.
My git version is "git version 1.9.4.msysgit.0"
I'm on a windows platform "Windeow Seven Entreprise SP1"

I have CRLF as end line caracter in my fast-import stream.
Here is the fast-import crash:

fast-import crash report:
    fast-import process: 8512
    parent process     : 1
    at Fri Sep 26 10:35:04 2014

fatal: Unsupported command: blob

Most Recent Commands Before Crash
* blob

Active Branch LRU
    active_branches = 0 cur, 5 max

  pos  clock name

Inactive Branches

:70 d4493670a28993c19573a420c9ba1d6d69b91300


Is it a problem of CRLF endlines or a git version problem (mine don't 
support blobs commands in fast-import)
Any help will be appreciated.

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