i'm writing an alternative to git-requet-pull.  its output includes
a log of the commit range, eg:

  1/3 76a23b86 043603cc README fancier
      162441d0 README
  2/3 87990615 ab984c9b ignore vim swapfiles
      32682119 .gitignore
  3/3 2c842d2d 2ab371a4 README is now README.txt

each commit is represented by a line giving its position in the range,
the treeid, the commitid and the subject line, followed by a series of
lines identifying affected files, each line with the objectid and path.

i'm gathering the data with `git-rev-list --objects`, but it doesn't
mention objects that were moved (git mv) in a given commit; this is
visible in the last (3/3) commit in the example above: that commit was
just `git mv README README.txt`.

i want the output to identify moves and copies.  what are my options?
am i missing an option in git-rev-list(1)?  should i use a different
piece of plumbing?


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