# wor...@alum.mit.edu / 2014-10-01 11:37:38 -0400:
> > From: Roman Neuhauser <neuhau...@sigpipe.cz>
> > yup, i'd like a plumbing equivalent of `git log --raw ...`.  AFAICT
> > the closest to that is git-diff-tree, except that implies N invocations
> > instead of one, a sad loss of efficiency i'd love to avoid.

> [...] there is no stored summary of "what is changed by this commit",
> the only way to determine that information is to compare each file
> reference of each commit with the cognate file reference in its
> predecessor commit.

> There's no way to do that whose run time is not proportional to both
> the number of commits and the number of files.

the inefficiency i'd like to avoid is in the diff-tree initialization.
while the strace output is nice and short, most of it is loading shared
libraries and reading the various .git* files; i hoped there would be
a way to spend that energy once per N commits described.

it's a "storm in a tea cup" in this particular use case, but i've been
thinking about the distinction between plumbing and porcelain, and how
well the plumbing fulfills its promise of enabling other porcelains.
it looks like any theoretical git-log competition written on top of the
plumbing is quite badly undercut by git-diff-tree being a single-pair


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