I need to temporarily add a set of text files that come from a unix
tar file, and I'm doing it on windows (temporarily, in that I intend
to push it to heroku).

I can't get around the LF will be converted to CRLF warning. The
problem is I don't control the format of the files I'm adding, I don't
want to change my global eol and autocrlf settings (they are right for
the development I do). I'd like them to be treated as binary, but I'm
having trouble seeing a robust way to do this.

I could write a local .gitattributes, do the `git add -A -f .`, and
remove the .gitattributes... but that's not "atomic". I'm doing this
all in a much larger script, I'm worried about damaging the local
user's repo.

Alternatively, if there was a way to disable that specific warning for
a moment, that would be pretty great, too.


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