> From: Sam Roberts <vieuxt...@gmail.com>

> I could write a local .gitattributes, do the `git add -A -f .`, and
> remove the .gitattributes... but that's not "atomic". I'm doing this
> all in a much larger script, I'm worried about damaging the local
> user's repo.

I'm no expert here, but how would it "damage the local user's repo"?
All you have to ensure is that the .gitattributes not be part of the
commit, and that during the git-add, it contains the right contents to
get the effect you want.

You *might* leave the modified .gitattributes file in the user's
working directory, but as long as you arrange that the modifications
only describe the "temporary" text files, that shouldn't interfere
with any "real" files.


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