Hi there,

I'm new to Git and here is my situation. I'm the only developer who uses 
Dreamweaver to update files on the server. Dreamweaver has a built-in FTP, 
so that I can download/upload files from server. I modify them locally and 
use Dreamweaver to upload them.  I'm looking for a free, and easy to use 
program which can allow me to FTP and help maintain version. Since I'm the 
only one, I don't mind maintain version locally on my PC. Since I'm new to 
version control, can someone tell me which program should I use and how 
should I design the repos to get me started. 

Since I'm using Dreamweaver, I though about using Subversion but I'm new to 
Subversion and I also use Visual Studio so I don't mind trying something 
else that can work with both the editors.


Joe Green 

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