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> I'm new to Git and here is my situation. I'm the only developer who
> uses Dreamweaver to update files on the server. Dreamweaver has a
> built-in FTP, so that I can download/upload files from server. I
> modify them locally and use Dreamweaver to upload them.  I'm looking
> for a free, and easy to use program which can allow me to FTP and
> help maintain version. Since I'm the only one, I don't mind maintain
> version locally on my PC. Since I'm new to version control, can
> someone tell me which program should I use and how should I design
> the repos to get me started. 
> Since I'm using Dreamweaver, I though about using Subversion but I'm
> new to Subversion and I also use Visual Studio so I don't mind trying
> something else that can work with both the editors.

I'm afraid your question is rather tangential to version control
systems.  VCS allow you to maintain history of your project, they are
not deployment solutions.  So, if you need to use FTP, then fine, go
ahead, use any VCS you like to maintain your project and once you're
fine with certain version of your project, just upload it using FTP.

The only problem with this is you might get inconveniences if you do
certain fixups on the uploaded version of the code and assets: it will
require you to fetch them back and commit to your VCS locally.
You already have this problem though, just using a VCS adds another
moving part to it.

Note that there's another approach to deployment.  While VCS, as
already mentioned, is not a deployment solution, neither is FTP, and if
you're using VPS/physical server to host your websites, you might as
well install Git there and send changes to your websites using Git
alone.  This also solves the problem of getting fixups done on the
server back to the developer's box.

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