I have a set of about a dozen git repositories, side by side in the same 
folder. But they aren't separate projects, conceptually they're one project.

This is an obviously insane arrangement, but never mind how it got like 
that, it is like that. I would like move from the current state, which is a 
directory Z containing repositories A, B, C, D, to having a git repository 
Z, containing directories A, B, C, D.

If I didn't care about preserving history or any but master branches I 
could just export everything from all the repositories and create a brand 
new repository. But I do want to preserve history and branches.

I've looked at the submodule/superproject stuff in the git book, but it 
looks too complicated, and isn't what I really want anyway.  This should be 
a project with subdirectories, not a superproject with submodules.

Is there any way to accomplish this?

There are several developers involved, and a central bare repository.

Richard Kennaway
School of Computing Sciences,
University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, U.K.

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