From: "Konstantin Khomoutov" <>
On Thu, 16 Oct 2014 05:54:32 -0700 (PDT)
Pierre-François CLEMENT <> wrote:

> > I have a set of about a dozen git repositories, side by side in
> > the same folder. But they aren't separate projects, conceptually
> > they're one project.
> You can use `git subtree add` to achieve this.
Awesome. Learn something new everyday... I couldn't find any man page
about git-subtree either locally (v2.1.2) or on git-scm (am I the
only one?)

Oh, it appears that I was overly optimistic about `git subtree` being
available in the Git proper: I have `git subtree` available locally
(with its manual page) via the Debian Git 1.9.1 package.
It's still in contrib, just properly linked where applicable to be
instantly available.  From [2], it seems that indeed `git subtree` is
still a contrib script.  Sorry for the confusion.

Note that this shell script is just a convenience wrapper around stock
Git's capabilities of the so-called "subtree merging" [3].


In addition, you can use either 'git replace' or git grafts to combine the roots of the combined repo to create an extra base commit such that they all appear to have a common root.

Grafts and replaced objects each have their own issues on exchanging the amended repos, but can prove useful.


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