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  Hey everyone,

  I'm pretty new to Git. I've managed to do different things like pull, push, 
fetch, delete, etc to and from Github using Git. I'm wondering, is it possible 
to making commits (upload) from different local folders (on my computer e.g. 
C:\Branches\Foo & C:\Branches\Boo) to different Branches on my Github account.

  Essentially doing the following:

  Foo (Local) -> Foo (Github)
  Boo (Local) -> Boo (Github)

  I hope I've explained this well enough and I hope I'm just making a silly 




I guess it's probably a misunderstanding about what is 'in' a repo, and what 
will be outside of the repo.

The normal style is that a git repo is a single whole directory and its 
contents, so a second directory would be a separate repo.  This is different 
from some storage systems which allow arbitrary files to be placed in the 
storage, however Git keeps the structure as part of its meta-data, so won't 
commit content from outside of the work-tree.

Does that fit with your view of Git?


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