> From: Martyn Leeper <martynlee...@gmail.com>

> I'm pretty new to Git. I've managed to do different things like pull, push, 
> fetch, delete, etc to and from Github using Git. I'm wondering, is it 
> possible to making commits (upload) from different local folders (on my 
> computer e.g. C:\Branches\Foo & C:\Branches\Boo) to different Branches on 
> my Github account.
> Essentially doing the following:
> Foo (Local) -> Foo (Github)
> Boo (Local) -> Boo (Github)

I describe it this way:

If C:\Branches\Foo and C:\Branches\Boo are two different repositories,
then each of them can upload commits that have been made locally to
the "master" repository on Github.

If they are part of one repository, what you are asking is if you can
create a commit locally out of the files in directory Foo (part of the
working tree) and then upload that commit to Github.

The central point is that what is uploaded and downloaded are
*commits*.  When a commit is moved, all of the objects that it
references are copied as well (if they aren't already present in the
destination repository).

I believe that you can create a commit in a repository that only
contains the changes made in a specific subdirectory.  You do that by
invoking "git-add" with a pathspec which is the directory.  It may be
more difficult to add it to a particular branch if it is not the
normal case where the files in the working tree reflect the head of
that branch.


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