Hi Konstantin,

I apologize - it appears that all of the objects in this directory are 
owned by the individual who pushes them, but it seemed like an anomaly 
because my file permissions script overwrote all of the older file 
permissions with a service account.  

I agree, something like gitolite right now would be overkill if I could 
avoid it.  Is there a way to move where index.lock is created?  Then I 
would be less worried and could give them rwx permissions to that folder, 
which has nothing important underneath it.  


- Jon

On Thursday, October 23, 2014 7:17:10 AM UTC-4, Konstantin Khomoutov wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Oct 2014 09:23:18 -0700 (PDT) 
> Jon Zeolla <zeo...@gmail.com <javascript:>> wrote: 
> > I have some pretty stringent permissions in git (via posix extended 
> > file attributes), as we attempt to delegate access to pushing certain 
> > directory structures to certain groups of individuals within our 
> > team.   
> > 
> > We had an issue the other day where a user tried to push ("git push 
> > live") but didn't have enough permission to create the index.lock 
> > file.  The user did have write permission to the objects and refs 
> > directories.  The git logs ("git log -p") show that the push had been 
> > successful, but there are files hanging around in the objects 
> > directory from this user.  Typically the only files that are in the 
> > objects directory are from the last user that pushed, but at this 
> > point there has been at least one successful push since this failed 
> > attempt to push but the objects from two pushes back still remain 
> > here.   
> > 
> > I'm just not sure if these should be here or not...  Or how to clear 
> > them out.  I did verify that they are valid, and the files that were 
> > attempted to be pushed via "git cat-file -p <hash>".  Any ideas? 
> May be try running 
>   git repack -a -d 
> to get those objects stuffed into a pack file? 
> > I also wrote a very detailed question yesterday about this but I do 
> > not see it here or in my activity log, so I'm not sure what 
> > happened...  But if that happens to pop up at some point, I apologize 
> > for the double post.   
> Yes, that post has hit my inbox as well as I'm able to see it via the 
> Google's web interface to this list. 
> I was about asking why not using, say, gitolite with its "virtual refs" 
> mechanism allowing you to specify fine-grained rules for who can change 
> which paths but from that your first post it appears, you're using 
> several repos on the same filesystem so going through gitolite would 
> probably be an overkill. 

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