On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 12:30:09PM -0700, Jon Zeolla wrote:
> Hi Konstantin,
> I apologize - it appears that all of the objects in this directory
> are owned by the individual who pushes them, but it seemed like an
> anomaly because my file permissions script overwrote all of the
> older file permissions with a service account.  
> I agree, something like gitolite right now would be overkill if I
> could avoid it.  Is there a way to move where index.lock is created?
> Then I would be less worried and could give them rwx permissions to
> that folder, which has nothing important underneath it.  

Sure, it may be overkill if you look at the feature list; you only
need a small subset of features offered by gitolite.  But looking at
the effort you spend it may well be the easiest way forward.

AFAIU you are trying to limit access to specific "areas" of you git
repo using file permissions.  I'd say that's not a solution to the
permission problem that is particularly common and thus unlikely to
well supported.  I believe the most common way to introduce
permissions inside a git repo is through using hooks, which AFAIU is
exactly how gitolite does it.

I've seen there are collections of hooks out there (e.g.
<https://github.com/icefox/git-hooks>), maybe that's another way
forward if you don't want to go down the set-up-a-git-server route.

You may also be interested in this [SO post on gitosis vs


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