Also have a look at if it's a big merge. 
Not used it myself but has been reviewed on the main git list.
See below for the question.. 
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    Hello coleagues! 

    I have basic experience with GIT and I'm wondering for long time, how to 
solve this. We are working on the open-source project and at the beggining I've 
forked original repository and created our own. A new branch was created there 
for the purposes of our module development. However, there is also intensive 
development in progress in the original repository and now, I would like to 
merge their code with our repository. How can I do that? These repositories are 
on different places and we are developing separate module which is not in the 
original project.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or tip.


  1. Create a 'remote' (name of your choice) for the original repo (that you 
forked from), assuming you don't already have one.

  2. 'git fetch' their latest developments (which will be placed into a remote 
tracking branch (rtb)). Note that the rtb's are not usually displayed unless  
you ask.

  3. Typically you will then 'git checkout -t ....' to create a local (i.e for 
you) version of the rtb, for easy visualization etc. The '-t' option sets up 
the tracking options

  4. Having visualized the two developments that you hold 'locally' (i.e yours 
and theirs), do a merge between the branches, allowing plenty of time to 
resolve the conflicts. One trick is initially create a temporary branch (copy) 
of your own branch and do all your test merges into that one (and subsequent 
temporary ones), until you have it right. 

  5. Then you can delete all the failed temporary merges, and 'swap' the 
successful merge tmp branch with your main branch (another merge, but --ff-only 
?). The Git Gui can be useful is allowing visualization of which hunks  to 
select. Many other support tools are available to suit your tastes..

  (written without checking my facts; always read the manual ;-)

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