Hi all,
  recently I've seen a very bad (perforce) merge at work, where we had to
reconcile two branches that have diverged for  more than a year. Perforce,
I don't care much.
In the process of helping with that merge, I created many partial git
repositories (and in some cases used git-imerge. That helped, but even with
git large merges are not nice: you see all conflicts in some random order,
you cannot easily revert part of the conflict resolution etc.

In short, I'd like to spend some cycles to figure out if we can build tools
on top of git to help with "merges from hell".

Does anybody have examples of particularly large/bad merges in any OSS
project I can use?
I have of course plenty of bad examples from work, but I cannot easily use
them i the open.

[and obviously if anybody knows of research papers on the topic, I'd
appreciate pointers to those as well]

Thanks a lot,


PS just to clarify, I know large/infrequent merges are bad; but I'm not in
a position for preventing all of them everywhere.

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