Hi team,


I am working as a part of a team which repackages applications & and 
handles their deployment for our organisations internal use. Some of our 
users require the Git 1.9.4, we are currently trying to install and 
uninstall this application silently. I was able to handle the installation 
silent using the switches *( /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NO CANCEL* etc) 
However I am unable to handle the uninstallation quietly as I am getting 
the following prompts:


1.       Git Uninstall : Removing in-use Files

2.       Uninstall Unable to delete file : “C:\....”.Please do it manually 
after log off-log in again.


I had tried coupling the switches with the *unins000.exe *present under the 
Install directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\unins000.exe)


Is there any way this can be bypassed /Suppressed so that the 
uninstallation can be handled silently?


While installing the application the shell extensions and context menu is 
specific to the user it is being installed. Is there a way to make it 
available for all users using the machine?


I was able to get the extensions in users when registering the 
git_shell_ext.dll (32 Bit) using regsvr32 in that particular user.

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