On Tue, 18 Nov 2014 12:46:56 -0800 (PST)
Fernando Lucas <ferna...@4ward.com.br> wrote:

> To whom it may concern, we are using GIT to perform code versioning
> when developing an e-commerce in Magento Community 1.9 with NETBeans
> version 8.0 as a development tool.
> The synchronization to download (pulling) the code from the GIT
> server works perfectly. All the code is downloaded into our computers.
> We apply the code changes locally and when we try to upload (Push )
> the data once the wizard is completed, the following error message
> appears: 
> ==[IDE]== 18/11/2014 18:32:37 Expandindo - clone1
> git branch
> git remote -v
> setting up remote: origin
> git submodule status
> git push 
> ssh://99.99.999.999:22//home/ubuntu/public_html/99.999.999.999/public/.git/ 
> refs/heads/master:refs/heads/master
> Atualizações do Repositório Remoto
> Atualização da Ramificação : master
> Id Antigo        : 6527df498f7fd60dfd72c8389e1e7529b0935426
> Novo Id        : 69c2a2e85b8a63b3ace61234b064746904d71142
> Resultado        : REJECTED_OTHER_REASON

NetBeans (as well as Eclipse) does not actually use Git but rather a
custom library, JGit, which is a pure-Java software implementing
support for Git repository format and Git wire protocols.

>From googling by JGit+REJECTED_OTHER_REASON, it appears [1] that
this error code is returned by JGit which it does not know the exact
reason for rejection.  [1] also hints that it's possible, in theory,
to ask the library for an explanatory message but seemingly NetBeans
does not attempt doing this.

> Atualizações do Repositório Local
> Atualização da Ramificação : origin/master
> Id Antigo        : 6527df498f7fd60dfd72c8389e1e7529b0935426
> Novo Id        : 69c2a2e85b8a63b3ace61234b064746904d71142
> Resultado        : NOT_ATTEMPTED

This one is simpler -- see [1] as well.

In this situation I'd try to push the same changes using regular Git
and see what happens.


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