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John McKown <john.archie.mck...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > ​You should really ask this sort of question on a "data destruction"
> group. It really isn't a git thing.​
> But since I'm already flapping my jaws: Personally, I would use
> something like a "disk wipe utility". I am not really a Windows user
> (I use Linux), but you can Google for it to get some good hits. Such
> as: http://www.diskwipe.org/ which is not to be taken as a
> recommendation by me for this product, but is just an example. There
> are many such. If you are really worried about proprietary
> information, then I'd strongly suggest getting a "DOD quality" wipe.
> Another thing to think about is the other software on the laptop,
> especially the Windows. Windows in _NOT_ free! And you really should
> see what it would take to transfer the Windows license on the
> existing hardware to a new user. The same with any other "non free"
> software. If you don't, your company _might_ be libel to the
> copyright owners and be subject to being sued. I'm not really too
> sure of this latter, but if this is a large enough company, I'd run
> it by the legal department just for comfort.

By the way, this thought crossed my mind as well when I was writing my
response.  EULA explicitly prohibits relicensing, so yes, while IANAL,
I concur that consulting legal department would be a good thing.

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