1)developers-> a)tester: the tester will write code to do unit testing 
               b)coder: the coder will take input from the uml design and 
write the code

so after the coder writes the code he will trigger the unit testing code 
and then if its sucessfull then they send to QA for system level testing.

if there are multiple branches like 1.1_dev,1.2_dev and trunk, so lets say 
a dev guy checkins a bug in trunk it should automaticaly change in other 2 
dev branches also, they want a version control tool  which can do this
now, both the tester code and coders code will be in same branch but 
different files, so they want me to choose a version control tool or a tool 
+ a linux script which can restrict the coders to edit the testers code but 
they can be able to read it, this makes the unit testing perfect.
they write code in java and java has methods, now they want a tool which be 
such a way that, if a method of a java file gets changed then it should 
change the same method in all the branches.
ex: 1.1_dev has method-1, 1.2_dev has method-1, and trunk has method-1, so 
if a dev guy commits a code in method-1 , then the changes should effect in 
the old dev branches also.
generally the merge conflicts occur, then the dev guy needs to sit and 
check it, so they want below stuff
1)the merge conflicts which occur with extra spaces kind of stuff should be 
automatically taken care by version controller.
2)the version control will check the conflicts only in text level, but they 
want the conflicts to be done in method level 
ex: if two java files are there with same methods, if they merging the tool 
should be smart enough to check methods are same and merge but not just 
check the text.

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