I installed the GIT server on Linux a while back and it was all working 
fine. Now when somebody wants to use it, it's no longer working. Here are 
some information:

>From web browser, http://cmtoldshrdjk01/web-app.git returns error "Chrome 
could not connect to cmtoldshrdjk01".

>From another Linux server, I got this:

/home/jhu06/git $ git clone http://cmtoldshrdjk01/web-app2.git

Initialized empty Git repository in /home/jhu06/git/web-app2/.git/

error: Failed connect to cmtoldshrdjk01:80; Operation now in progress while 
accessing http://cmtoldshrdjk01/web-app2.git/info/refs

 fatal: HTTP request failed

/home/jhu06/git $

 From my windows workstation, I got this:

jhu06@OCDT70302123 /c/workspace/GIT

$ git clone http://jhu06:password@cmtoldshrdjk01/web-app2.git

Cloning into 'web-app2'...

fatal: unable to access 
'http://jhu06:password@cmtoldshrdjk01/web-app2.git/': Failed connect to 
cmtoldshrdjk01.dev.bmocm.com:80; Connection refused

H:\>telnet cmtoldshrdjk01 80

Connecting To cmtoldshrdjk01...Could not open connection to the host, on 
port 80: Connect failed

I have a Jenkins installed on this same server on port 8080 and it's 
working fine now. I can't remember which one I installed first.

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