I have a git repository, which master is empty and a branch contains 
android 5.0.0_r1. (Yes, I packed all android git repository into one).

Now I want to push android 5.0.2_r1 into the repository. I checkout the 
master git an empty work place. Then create a new branch called 
android_5.0.2_r1, put all file in it,  add all file then commit. 
I found I have got a twice large size repository. This means even most the 
files are the same, git still store them as a new object. Just wonder why?

There are still some other questions. I already push the new branch to my 
Gerrit server. When I found the repository size doubled, I just delete that 
beanch from WebUI. Still the repository remains its size even I run git gc.
How can I remove the branch and its commit completely?  

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