<dcg...@gmail.com> writes:
>   I am pretty sure most of the files are the same by git diff.

Does that mean that you have actually done a git-diff and examined the
total size of the files whose content has changed?

>   There is only small parts of the code base differ. 
>   Just like you said, I expect only slight size increase with the new 
> branch pushed.
>   However, the repository doubled the size from 4G to 8G. Just as twice as 
> the original size.      

Have you actually enumerated where the space is being consumed?

One way is to execute "git ls-tree --full-tree -r -l [branch]" for each
branch, then use "comm" to find the lines for new/different files in the
second branch.  Total the 4th fields of those lines and see how much
space they occupy (uncompressed).


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