I sit behind a corp proxy.
We have an private github.
I want to access it plus the public github.

In order to access the public github, I set the Windows 7  env vars:

In order to access our private github, I tried setting http.proxy and 
htts.proxy using:
git config --local --set http.proxy http://our.proxy.server.co.com:80
git config --local --set https.proxy http://our.proxy.server.co.com:80

Problem is that this config only let's me access the public git hub.
The only way to access the private git hub that I've been able to figure 
out is to remove the Windows 7 env vars HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY.

Thus I'm assuming the Windows env vars take precedence over the local git 
proxy settings.
Is this by design?
Is this enforced by M$?
Is there a solution?

The problem is that as soon as I remove the Windows 7 env vars, everything 
else breaks since the "our.proxy.server.com.com" is locked down so tight it 
doesn't even give me public DNS name resolution. I have to use 
"alt.proxy.co.com" for public DNS name resolution. Which is required for 
virtually every tool like npm, pathogen, etc.

Note: It is not a typo that the https proxy settings all use the http 
method. All our proxies are configured this way so the solution is not 
switching to the https method.

Thanks for your time.


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