I'm using git with a gitblit server.  Using tickets these days in it.  

Basic scenario summary is new ticket #1, started work on it under new 
branch, made some commits but didn't finish it so no merge.  Switched to 
ticket #2 on another new branch, did work, commits, finished it and pushed 
and merged into master.  Now it's been a few days since I worked on this 
last but I find myself in ticket #1 again and see I have two files changed 
(probably renamed them after merging #2) that should have been part of 
ticket #2 fix/branch but I now have them under ticket/#4.  Haven't 
committed them yet.

So just wondering what's best approach here?  Only thing I can really think 
of is copy the files, checkout the files again in my ticket #1 so they are 
unchanged in it, commit those, switch to master, copy back the changes and 
commit & push with message about what they're for.  Only reason asking is 
I've found there tends to always be some less than obvious 'better way' of 
doing things like this with git that doesn't involve manually copying files.


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