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  Hi Philip Oakley:

  Philip Oakley於 2015年3月13日星期五 UTC+8上午4時26分11秒寫道:

    Does anyone have any feedback attempting to use this updated script so 
    that they can browse and compile git? 

    Even, "I only got half way through" comments would be useful. 

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    From: "Philip Oakley" <> 
    > From: "Philip Oakley" <> 
    > >> Hello all Visual Studio users, 
    >> I've put together some fixes [3] to the build support that generates 
    >> a VS project (.sln and .vcproj files) for the Git project. 
    >> These are based on VS2008 (express edition; still available;-) and 
    >> the msvc-build script [2] that is included in the Msysgit project 
    >> [1]. They are available as a Github Pull request [3] - I've added a 
    >> combined diff at the end of this email. 
    >> [1] (scroll down to the Contribute area for 
    >> the developer download) 
    >> [2] 
    >> [3] 
    >> [4] 
    >> Combined diff of all the changes I've made (which will be white space 


  I am a git user, actually, a tortoisegit user, 
  I'd like to say "Thank you" to you for those your works. :)

  Few weeks ago, I noticed your some posts here and on GitHub, 
  then start to trace them.

  Suppose I will try it later. :P
  I'm using VS2013.(VS6 used, then directly jump to VS2012/2013)

  So I have a wish that it can be built also for VS2013.

  Do you have a plan to make it work for VS2013?

Good News / Bad News...
Yes I want it to work with VS2013. 
However VS2013 can't be run on my little XP netbook :-(, though I'm moderately 
confident it will 'just work' 
Why not give it a spin to get some kudos points ;-)

We've already proven that it 'just works' on VS2010 (thanks t-b for 
confirming), so the MS converstion works '08->'10.


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