On Mon, 30 Mar 2015 09:54:05 -0700 (PDT)
Frank Gutierrez <dearfra...@gmail.com> wrote:

> *refs/heads files do _not_ point to objects*
> path: objects/78/803b535
> path: objects/4c/c30382a
> path: objects/b9/9cd833e
> path: objects/4a/a4629d6
> path: objects/58/8734ab5
> path: objects/57/7ffcd9c
> ...
> ...
> I checked the paths and they are not in the objects subdirectory

The objects need not necessarily be files under the objects/ directory:
for efficient storage, Git only allows a moderate number of objects be
stored this way; most objects get compressed into the so-called "pack
files".  The objects stored "as is" are called "loose".  So your
branches need not necessarily point to loose objects, and they might
legitimately point to objects stored in one of the pack files.

To verify the repository's integrity, you might want to run the

  git fsck

command on it.

> I'm thinking a rebase might be the culprit 
> But how to fix???

While I think this your problem is a non-issue (as explained above), if
you're afraid of rebased branches being force-pushed to your bare repo
by mistake, consider enabling the reflog in that bare repo (reflog is
disabled by default when a bare repo is initialized).  You can do this
by running the

  git config --local --add core.logAllRefUpdates true

in your bare repository.

As a result, all "drastic" movements of heads in this repository will
be logged as they do in "normal" repositories, and their original
positions could be recovered.  Note that in exchange you get
potentially more disk space wasting in your bare repository.

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