On Mon, 30 Mar 2015 12:12:01 -0700 (PDT)
Frank Gutierrez <dearfra...@gmail.com> wrote:

> *My backup.git repo looks bad.*
> git br 
> git br -a
> both show nothing.

Then I'm afraid someone did delete all the branches in the bare
repository.  If `git fsck` shows OK in it, it's supposedly OK, and the
problem of the missing branches is elsewhere.

On the other hand, in your original post you've said you have a bunch
of seemingly valid entries under refs/heads in your bare repo.
If so, I don't know why `git branch -a` shows nothing about them and
not fails with an error at the same time.

I'd start with extracting SHA-1 names of the target commit objects from
those files under refs/heads and grepping the Git object database for
them, like this:

  cd ~/path/to/bare/repo.git
  find refs/heads/ -type f -print \
    | while read f; do cat $f; done >/tmp/names
  git rev-list --objects --all | grep -Fw -f /tmp/names

If the last command will output more than a single entry┬╣, this means
you still do have commit objects of your "lost" branches in your object
store, and you can easily "regain" them by, say, sticking tags onto
those SHA-1 names and then studying the commit logs leading to each
resulting tag.

┬╣ You showed that Git itself reports there's a single branch, so you
  ought to see its commit object in the output anyway.

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