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> How to update last version git, Now I have git version 1.9.1 in Linux
> what can I do
> thanks a lot

​If you are asking how to upgrade from version 1.9.1 to the current version
of git, that will depend on which Linux distribution you have or if you
installed it from source. On Fedora Linux, the simplest way is to issue the

sudo yum -y upgrade git\*

The sudo runs the yum command as root. The -y is the "don't bother me, just
do it" switch. the git\* basically says to update all the packages which
start with the characters "git", and any necessary updates to other
packages. There are other commands for SuSE and Ubuntu. But I don't know
what they are because I only run Fedora.

You might start looking on this page: http://git-scm.com/download/linux

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