I am now using Git in this way:

- to start changing something I first create a branch
- If i want to selectively commit changes I will often do a git stash -u
- This is followed by git checkout -p
- in this way it is easy to dump unwanted changes using git stash drop

When changing branches I also stash my work until I am ready to pop it 

I will rebase my branch before pushing and before merging.

I can however push my branch to a remote branch of the same name and I will 
usually use push origin +<branchname> to get the changes up.
This is before the merge with master. After I am done with my branch or 
temporary branch there should be no merge conflict and i can simply merge 
and it will be a fast-forward.

At least that is the gist of it thus far, but I feel I am missing 
something. I feel it is easier than what I think. I haven't looked into all 
that many tutorials yet but I've had a look (e.g. at the atlassian) but I 
still think something is missing from the big picture. MERGING IS still 

I hate ending up with a merge conflict that I have to edit by hand that 
reminds me of having made an error somewhere.

What am I doing wrong? What can I do better?

My first cause is always:
- made modifications in a different directory (in Git this is a different 

That is my only requirement. But I hate merging back. I don't know what I 
am doing wrong or what I am missing.

Regards, D.

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