On Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 12:10:17 PM UTC+2, Dryden wrote:
> That was a type: my first cause is to MAKE changes in a different 
> directory. I want to stay clear of changing master at all times, If I can, 
> and if it is even in the slightest way necessary (ie. stuff that can break 
> things).
> But merging BACK into Master is still the most difficult thing there is. 
> It is unclear to me. The Atlassian tutorial spends very little time on 
> merging.
> I don't know how to do it, or how to do it well. I am not sure how to 
> rebase onto the master in such a way that I can see what is going on. Maybe 
> it is just rebase <branch> --onto master and I can try... and it doesn't 
> work.
Generally, if you have more concrete cases and examples of what you are 
trying to do, you'll get replies here quicker.

Conflicts are a natural thing in any version control system, Git included. 
If you change the same lines in the same files in two parallel branches, 
you are going to get conflicts whether you merge or rebase. That's just 

Now, if you are getting conflicts in places where you weren't expecting 
them at all, i.e. it doesn't make sense for these conflicts to appear, you 
may be doing something wrong. 

So please show us some concrete examples of what you are doing. Find the 
minimal example you can do to recreate your problem, and then copy/paste 
the terminal input/output in a mail back here.

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