chapter 3.6 :Git Branching - Rebasing 

the book says:

This basically says, “Check out the client branch, figure out the patches 
from the common ancestor of the client and server branches, and then replay 
them onto master.”

I think "then replay them onto master " should be "then replay them onto 
client start from the common ancestor patch of the client server and 
master" ?

I test like this: 
three branches: master server client 
server:c0< - c1 <- c4 <- c5
client:c0 <- c1 <- c2 <- c3
then i did : 
git rebase --onto master server client 
the three branches were:
server:c0< - c1 <- c4 <- c5
client:c0 <- c2 <- c3

See it ,the client branch changed , not the master !

And i'm weak at English, maybe original is right . And the problem is my 
understanding :) 

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