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Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen <tfn...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Your understanding is correct, but I don't think your sentence reads
> so well. I agree with you that the sentence in the book does not
> sound optimal either. Here's what I would write:
> Original:
> > This basically says, “Check out the client branch, figure out the
> > patches from the common ancestor of the client and server branches,
> > and then replay them onto master.” 
> Suggestion:
> > This basically says, “Take the client branch, figure out the
> > patches since it diverged from the master branch, and replay these
> > patches in the client branch as if it was based directly off the
> > master branch instead". In other words: transplant the client
> > branch to be based off the master branch instead of server.

I like your version much better!

By the way, in the hope to be useful to the OP, here's my attempt to
explain to someone the difference between cherry-picking and rebasing
[1] which extensively touches on how rebasing "replays" commits on a
branch which that branch has "on top" of where it's being rebased onto.
It uses the pictures from the book being discussed. ;-)

1. http://stackoverflow.com/a/11837630/720999

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