Hi git folk,

I will award a peer bonus to anyone who shows me how to solve this scenario 
with specific commands. 

I'd like to open source a site that has a piper-dependency for it's 
publishing. There are two nodes in the system:

1. GitHub.com -- where users can submit changes to us
2. Piper -- the source of truth. Changes come from GitHub "dirty" (not 
Googler-reviewed) and are merged into Piper (presumably via git5) on a 
per-change basis, giving us a chance to review what's coming in on either 
Gerrit or Critique.

I need the commands for these six things:

   1. Setting up a local environment that has the proper "mirroring scheme"
   2. How to push changes that originated in Piper up to GitHub
   3. Conflict resolution workflow in cases where both GitHub 
   and Piper have changed
   4. How to pull changes from GitHub into Piper (creating a CL or Gerrit 
   change each time that gets Googler-approved before submission)
   5. Conflict resolution workflow in cases where both GitHub and Perforce 
   have changed
   6. Destroying a local environment that is no longer needed (presumably 
   you can just delete the directory)

I'd prefer that this be done with git5 mirror so that it's fast, and to be 
CITC-compatible so changes can be tweaked in Cider if desired.

Any help at all appreciated, but the person who offers specific commands 
will get the bonus (and the thanks of the Cloud Platform team). 

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