On Fri, May 08, 2015 at 06:26:14PM -0700, John Mulhausen wrote:
> Hi git folk,
> I will award a peer bonus to anyone who shows me how to solve this
> scenario with specific commands. 
> I'd like to open source a site that has a piper-dependency for it's 
> publishing. There are two nodes in the system:
> 1. GitHub.com -- where users can submit changes to us
> 2. Piper -- the source of truth. Changes come from GitHub "dirty"
>    (not Googler-reviewed) and are merged into Piper (presumably via
>    git5) on a per-change basis, giving us a chance to review what's
>    coming in on either Gerrit or Critique.

What's "piper"?
What's "git5"?


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