On Sunday, May 10, 2015 at 2:14:36 AM UTC+2, Tricia Finkle wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm just getting started with github and git.  I have tried to download 
> git several times from the git-smc site, source forge and mirror sites.  I 
> install it and it says "install successful", but then it is nowhere to be 
> found.  When I try to configure in Terminal it gives me an "illegal 
> instruction" so it seems like it is not really installed, despite the 
> installer copying files and saying the install is successful.  Am I doing 
> something wrong?  Can you install git on OS 10.6.8?  I don't get any error 
> messages so I don't even know where it is failing.  Advice would be greatly 
> appreciated.

Can you copy and paste the output from the following commands in Terminal?

   - git --version
   - which git
   - echo $PATH
In any case, it seems others have had this 

Perhaps it's a combination of using Snow Leopard with the OSX installer. 
There are a couple of other ways to install Git on Mac, mostly by using 
these providers/software managers programs:

* Homebrew, my personal favorite. Install it and run `brew install git`
* Fink, if you come from a Debian background, this should be suitable: 
* MacPorts, maybe the most mature/oldest/stable alternative: 

The key is that you should only have one of the above installed on your 
system, as they can step on each others feet.

Further more, make sure that the Homebrew/Fink/MacPorts installer you 
download is suitable for Snow Leopard.

If you don't want to install any of the above package managers, the last 
option I know about is installing XCode developer tools, as they bundle Git 

In the end, be aware that you might end up with a really old version of 
Git, which, although Git has been super-stable and fully functional since 
1.7'ish, the finer details of Git documentation online might have outrun 
your Git version.

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