Lets say you've got files set up to commit to one point in the tree, but you're 
actually in a different location. How do you move where you are / where a 
commit will go, without altering the files?

How did I get here?

  714  git checkout 4194
  715  git tag -a baseChest -m "Branch here for merge"
  716  git checkout chest chest_content.cfg 
-- fetched a commit that had half of the changes to the configs
-- Used git gui to unstage one chunk known to cause problems
-- Attempted to commit (from git gui), only to be told I was in detached head.
  717  git checkout chest
-- Attempted to switch to where I wanted this edit to go.
-- Told that my edits would be overwritten
  718  man git checkout
  719  man git-checkout
  720  man git-add
  721  man git-checkout
  722  git checkout -p chest
-- I thought this would give me an interactive mode to let me say that my edits 
would be kept.
-- It did not.
  723  git status
  724  git checkout chest
-- Still won't let me get there to save my changes
  725  man git-branch
  726  man git-checkout
-- and I'm clueless here.

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