On Wed, Jul 01, 2015 at 07:49:45AM -0700, Oliver Schrenk wrote:
> I want to migrate some legacy java code to scala whilst keeping git
> history intact for each file. The idea was to do a very basic
> conversion first, just doing ssyntactical changes first and have git
> mark it only as a rename and go from there.

Why do you want this?  What's the value in having history intact
across an implementation language change?

> But already the basic syntax changes push git over the similarity
> edge, so now II have a deleted file, and a new file. My
> understanding is then that I basically loose history as I don't see
> the full history of the "new" file.  `git log --follow <file>`
> doesn't work.
> Can I mark file changes manually as a rename? Are there different
> approaches?

If I were to do this I'd do it in two steps, first a project wide `git
mv foo.java foo.scala`, and then perform the syntax change necessary
to make everything compile.  (Of course that will result in an
unbuildable project after that first commit, but a change of
implementation language is clearly no little change so lifting the
requirement that builds always succeed may be acceptable.)


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