thanks, but honestly I am new to git

- bare, not bare, I just dont understand what this is

- yes I checked out the master(or origin) from the remote repo, why do git 
people make it sound like something weird or unusual ??

- but if push is bad, how do I send my recently added/comitted 
files/changes to the master/origin/whatever

- if pushing is better, then why add/checkout commands available ??

all I try to do is extremely simple, no fancy stuffs
I just installed git , and created a repo and did "git init"

A corollary to this, is that if you're able to reach this local repo 

> from your remote repo, just *fetch* your data from the local repo 
> when you're back at your remote repo.  That is, fetch instead of pushing. 
here I dont follow you at all

> Another approach, quite often suggested, is to have a separate *bare* 
> repository somewhere which is used for exchange by both regular repos. 
> In this scheme, you would push to that shared reposory and then when 
> back at the remote repository you'd fetch from that shared one and 
> merge your changes into appropriate branch(es). 
that's it, I am going back to subversion, I dont have a Phd nor a NASA 
ingeneer degree
these are way to complicated for just 2 person working on a same project

this is geberish, and I repeat, why so much hassel for a first commit/push

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